Welcome to Cupcake Stef!!

Welcome to Cupcake Stef!!

Hope you enjoy checking out the many 'sweet' creations that have come out of my kitchen! If you need a cupcake or cakes for your next event please don't hesitate to call, I would love to create something 'sweet' for you!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Made this tool box full of yummies for some special dads!! It's a dad thing!!

Have you figured it out yet? No? yea, well, cuz it's a physical therapy cookie Created this basket as a thank you for the wonderful PT crew at SPOC from my best client (ok, yes, i'm talking about my!!) See....she's the one in the bottom middle with her broken arm, hehe!

Had these fun cookie cutters I got from my MIL and wanted to use them so I made them up and sent them off to one very special Missionary out in the field!!
(I even packaged it right, it made it in one piece...woo-hoo!!!)

Yep, it had to be done!! Twilight cookies for the newest movie release.

Basket of Berries

Helped out a friend with cupcakes and a Mini mortar board hat cake for her daughters graduation open house. I love the colors!!

Happy Birthday America!! Long may she wave (we'll at least until dessert time!)

So beachy!!

Happy 20th Annniversary of your 30th birthday!!

One'sweet' chocolate cake for a group of sweet ladies!!
Happy 50th ladies!!!

My Sissy's at the time fiance is a big Bengals fan. So he got a Bengals Groom's cake. Perfect!!

My princess design. A half sheet, strawberry swirl, with strawberry filling, and buttercream frosting. Delish!!! (and heavy as heck!!!)

Awww little guy turned 3 at the end of May. Sooo his current fascination was Buzz Lightyear, I made alien cupcakes and a mini buzz cake.

Who doesn't love Lego's?!!

Raider Nation!! Not bad for a last minute request if you ask me.

A little Mickey cake for a lil' Man!! Happy 1st Birthday!!

I love this cake!! I was trying to come up with a cute idea for a Adoption day celebration cake. After looking around for awhile I came up with this idea...a welcome mat with the families flip-flops on it, welcoming home 'finally' their newest family member!!

What type of cake do you get for someone that is moving? Well a suitcase cake of!! Idaho or Bust!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mommy's Day!!

Mothers Day Bouquet I sent off early for my cousin who wanted to get for the ladies at her hubby's work. So sweet!! Happy Mothers Day ladies!!

(If anyone is still interested I can take some more orders. Let me know. Call or text me 906-8820)

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 'Cupcake Madness'...

'May the Force be with you....'

My Evan turned 7 this year on the 5th and after much discussion we created cupcakes based off of Star Wars Legos. My favorite you, of course!

Oh 'Hoppy' Day...3 blessings to celebrate

For a baby shower for a friend..tulips and frogs was the theme so we had lilypad brownies and a small little tulip cake.


Baby shower fun. Still can't wait to see the pics of all the decor with the cake there.

Edible 'Lessons from Space'

So apparently my creations aren't only edible but educational as well! Created these cupcakes for my nephew Jacob when he requested Space cupcakes to take to school for his b-day. This is what I came up with...the solar system made out of!
Apparently cupcakes get eaten as his class leaves for the day, but no, not Jakies birthday, the teacher opened it up first thing....had all the kids try and figure out what the planets were...and get to eat them right away in the!!
Wow, now that's what I call a great lesson on outer space!
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A few February creations....

Here are a few of the creations I made this February....
A Cupcake 'Bouquet'

Many people ddin't realize it was an edible bouquet until it got mention. Everyone thought they were real!

Butterfly Love

My 'loving' display for a friend of mine. Chocolate cake with chocolate filled center and chocolate frosting...yummy!!

Too many tiaras

I made 4 dozen tiara cupcakes for the Mickey Cox Father-Daughter Dance.

Good ole' JD

A birthday celebration is not complete for many with out inviting JD!
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Princess Minnie Antennae Ball...
(yes, thats what i! It's an antannae ball!)

Ewww worms & dirt...yuck!!
Yo Gabba Gabba!! Yo yummy yummy!!
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Minnie & Mickey
Red, White, & Black game pieces
Hermana Scott on her way to Arizona
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Thursday, January 14, 2010


I had an order for an individual who loves Bejeweled so I tried my hand at a cupcake cake and put together this little 'Jewel'!! LOL!!
It was well received.

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