Welcome to Cupcake Stef!!

Welcome to Cupcake Stef!!

Hope you enjoy checking out the many 'sweet' creations that have come out of my kitchen! If you need a cupcake or cakes for your next event please don't hesitate to call, I would love to create something 'sweet' for you!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beachy Keen...don't ya' think?!

Had a special request from my #1 client (my!) for beach cookies. So I got to work and created these scrumptious treats. My new fav decor, disco it, it's like bling for!! Beachy keen if you ask me!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sophie Project...

My puppy-niece Sophie had a very rough weekend last weekend. After getting accidentally slammed by a neighbor dog while playing at the community doggie spot, she wound up with a completely broken leg. Which resulted in surgery and a 3 night stay at the doggie hospital. She left with metal plates to hold things together, a casted leg, & a shaved booty (poor puppers. muppet dog w/ lots of fur + sour tummy = shaved!)
So to say none the less my baby sissy has been a mess since this happened to her puppers. Well the kiddos & I decided to send a care package their way and set out to do a Sophie Project to cheer them out. We made pretty sugar cookies, homemade peanut butter doggie cookies, and some adorable handmade cards from the boys. Got a bit worried about the transport from here to there with the heat but as we can see the 'cheer up' package made it safe and sound!!
Feel better soon Sophie!!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Sugar explosion...Happy 4th!!

In a grand effort to keep updating my creations I've decided to throw it all on the blog in a hodge podge of yumminess. Since I'm so far behind and very out of order it took me a long time to realize it doesn't matter if it's in order, just as long as it is shared!! So enjoy CupcakeStef fans....creations from the past &!! Enjoy!!

Happy America sugar cookies to share with the neighborhood.

Patriotic Oreo Truffles...yum!!

 Chocolate dipped strawberries

 S'mores Cookies (a lil' flat due to REALLY soft butter, but still just as delicious!)

 Just wanted to share the cucpakes my MIL made for the evening. So adorable!! Very proud of her exploring her inner!!

Last but not least one of my cutest creations enjoying a the celebration with a sparkler!!